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caillou birthday cake imageIf you prefer to leave the birthday cake to the professionals, you can talk to your local bakery, Dairy Queen or supermarket to see whether they can make a special Caillou cake for you. But it’s also easy to make a spectacular cake yourself—even if you’re not a pro baker. Take a look at some of these simple ideas for amazing Caillou cakes!

Super-simple Caillou sheet cake
It’s easy to make a foolproof Caillou birthday cake with the Caillou edible cake topper. Bake a sheet cake using the homemade or instant cake batter of your choice, and frost it completely with a vanilla or other white frosting. Then lay the decoration on top, and surround it with jumbo star sprinkles in primary colors of yellow, green, blue, and red. Add the right number of candles in matching colors, and voila! Here are a few more Caillou edible images to consider for you cake.

X346 Edible Icing Image Birthday 1 4 Sheet Cake Sticker Topper Caillou Party

X346 Edible Icing Image Birthday 1 4 Sheet Cake Sticker Topper Caillou Party

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Caillou “jumping out of a present” cake
In this simple but effective idea for a cake, Caillou is bursting out of a colorful gift! This is a surprisingly easy cake to make, even for a less experienced baker. Start by baking two 9” x 9” square cakes using your favorite home recipe or cake mix. When cooled, sandwich the two cakes together with the frosting of your choice, and cover the layered cake with frosting. Next, make a double quantity of homemade marshmallow fondant (you’ll find a simple marshmallow fondant recipe online at Group Recipes), or purchase premade fondant online ($10.99 on Amazon). Cover the cake with a thin layer of plain white fondant, and then place a Caillou figurine in the center of the cake (the Caillou squeaky bath toy on sale for $6.99 at ToysRUs is ideal).

If you’re using homemade fondant, color the remaining quantity in two different, bright, primary colors (green, blue, red, orange, or yellow). Roll out one color as the “base,” and use a knife or cookie cutter to cut out polka dots, stripes, stars, or any other wrapping paper pattern you desire from the other color. Arrange the pattern on the base layer, and roll the design flat. Now you have a pretty sheet of fondant wrapping paper in which to wrap the cake. Cut the fondant into three or four sheets and cover the cake with the sheets. When the sheets reach the Caillou figurine, let them fold around it loosely to make it look as though the gift is coming unwrapped and Caillou is peeking out. Finish the cake by attaching real ribbon to the fondant using a dab of honey or corn syrup. Let the ends hang down as though a bow has been untied.

Caillou “boating on a lake” cake
Here’s another simple Caillou cake idea that uses a bath toy as a cake decoration. It costs a bit more than a regular cake topper, but it doubles as a birthday gift after the cake has been served. Start by baking a sheet cake and covering it with vanilla frosting tinted bright blue using paste color. Then take the Caillou bath-time boat from ToysRUs and press the rudder into the cake so that the boat appears to be floating on the blue “water.” That’s it! If you like, you can dress up the cake with a few lily pads cut out of green fondant, and you can even place some green gummi frogs on the lily pads for added effect.

Caillou PBS Kids Playset Toy Boat Dinosaur Excellent Used Condition

Caillou PBS Kids Playset Toy Boat Dinosaur Excellent Used Condition

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Caillou birthday present cupcakes
Here’s a simple and effective presentation if you prefer to make cupcakes rather than one big cake. Start by finding an image of Caillou at a birthday party (you’ll find a good, high-resolution birthday image here) and print it out in color as big as you can. Next, glue it onto cardboard so that it can stand upright, and tape it, standing up, to another sturdy piece of cardboard that the cupcakes will be served on. Now you can make the “birthday present” cupcakes that will surround Caillou and his friends. Bake a batch of cupcakes using square muffin tins, and frost them in different primary colors to look like presents with different-colored wrapping. Finish off the “presents” with ribbons and bows made out of “Creatables” stretchy licorice shoelaces in primary colors of yellow, red, blue, and green. When you’re ready to serve the cupcakes, arrange them on the cardboard platter in front of the standup picture of Caillou’s birthday party for a beautiful 3D presentation.

If you hosted a Caillou party what did you do for the cake? Let us know in the comments below.

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